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Nutrition Information

 Months Available

Apples C, F July-Nov.
Blueberries C, F May-July
Broccoli A, C, F* Nov.-April
Cabbage C, F* Year Round
Cantaloupes A, C, F  May-July; Oct.-Nov.
Carrots A, C, F Dec.-May; Aug.-Dec.
Celery F Dec.-April
Cucumbers C April-Dec.
Grapefruit C, F Sept.-April
Green Onions A, C, F May-Oct.
Greens A, C, F Oct.-April
Herbs Year Round
Honeydew C May-July; Oct.-Nov.
Mushrooms Year Round
Onions F Mar.-Aug.
Oranges C, F Sept.-April
Peas, field A, F April-Dec.
Peaches C, F April-Aug.
Peppers, bell C May-June; Aug.-Dec.
Peppers, chili A, C, F May-Dec.
Potatoes C, F April-Sept.
Pumpkins A, C, F Sept.-Nov.
Spinach A, C, F Nov.-April
Squash A, C, F April-Nov.
Sweet Potatoes A, C, F Aug.-May
Tomatoes A, C, F May-Nov.
Turnips C, F Year Round
Watermelons C May-Nov.

Nutrition Information Key

A-Vitamin A                          C-Vitamin C                                F-Fiber
*Cruciferous vegetable - These selections supply at least 10% U.S. RDA for vitamins A or C, or at least 1-3 grams of dietary fiber per servin





Information courtesy of the Texas Department of Agriculture. For additional information about Texas produce visit TDA's Pick Texas web site at

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